About us - Febc Hospitality Procurement


Founded in 1989, we are a consultancy firm, delivering FF&E and OS&E procurement management services to hotels all around the world. Our mission is to bring a hoteliers dream to life and be part of the global growth of the hospitality sector. We have a simple 4 step process: Planning, Procurement, Logistics, Handover. We are with you every step of the way, from take off to handover.

We learn your needs, build the strategy and drive the process. Every project we work on has a dedicated Director, Manager and Coordinator to oversee the entire process. With access to a worldwide database of suppliers and manufacturers, what you are looking for is in the palm of our hands.

  1. 1989

    We began our journey as a Project Management consultancy firm in London, UK

  2. 1999

    We expanded into FF&E and OS&E Procurement Consultancy

  3. 2003

    We established our MENA presence in the United Arab Emirates

  4. 2010

    We established our European regional office in Italy

  5. 2011

    Expansion in to the Far East with a new office in Hong Kong

  6. 2014

    Aquired ISO Certification and launched febcProcure

  7. 2016

    Established a local office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  8. 2017

    We opened offices in India, Australia and Mauritius and widened scope of services

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the procurement industry from

commodity sourcing to consulting craft

Our Mission

Leverage our experience and strengths to provide

maximum value for our clients.

The febc culture thrives on creativity, charisma, and meticulous work ethic. Our enterprising outlook and dynamic work space provides our team with the platform needed to achieve individual and company goals.


Our team take time to understand each other both in and out the office. Our open door policy means that we communicate freely with each other which empowers our team to create a strong bond in our worldwide offices. We dedicate a tremendous amount of time to help each other. The febc team are personable, charming and approachable. We love what we do and do what we love.


The team comes from varous different backgrounds such as Procurement, Interior Design, Architechture, Contracting, Manufacturing to name a few. We believe diversity is enables us to understand all stakeholders at all stages of the project cycle.


Our forward thinking attitude is brought to everything we do. Whether we are discussing project deliverables and timelines or longterm business goals, we believe that pushing boundries is what will keep us ahead.


We love working on challenging unique concepts in the hospitality industry because it sparks our immagination and presents an opportinity to find creative solutions to our clients project goals.


The febc culture encourages listening first and planning second. Our team adopts this attitude with each other first. This encouragesus to be the best version of ourselves with our clients on their projects.