OS&E Operating Supplies &Equipment


Save considerable time and money with an OS&E procurement process that is focused on quality.

The procurement of Operating Supplies & Equipment is essential to the smooth-running and growth of your business.

Drawing on 25 years of proven success in global hospitality procurement, FEBC’s OS&E Procurement Method Statement outlines a process built on transparency and trust. While every project is unique and a bespoke plan is designed and implemented for each, these qualities guide every goal that our procurement specialists and project managers aim to achieve, on-time and below budget.

Our OS&E procurement services are consistently competitive thanks to a worldwide supply chain that cuts out the middle man and intermediate margins. In addition to sourcing the best prices, our procurement consultants guarantee quality, on-time delivery and stress-free installation.



We will guide you through the four key stages in the OS&E procurement process:

– Budget Planning
– Interior Styling
– Procurement Management
– Delivery & Handover

Our team comprises of experts in quantity analysis, budget projections, finance management and shipping, and we add value at all phases of OS&E procurement. Through trust and long-standing relationships with key global manufacturers and suppliers, we are the best positioned procurement management specialists to oversee delivery of your OS&E requirements.

Our Ideas

Budget planning

Your bespoke OS&E Procurement Budget and Cost Plan is designed during the initial planning process. Involving the client, operator and other key parties, the aim of Budget Planning is to fully understand and forecast the scope of your project. Included in the cost plan is a timetable for production and delivery, and a number of cost-saving initiatives.

Because more than 80% of our procurement recommendations are direct with the manufacturer, there is no middleman and your payment is made direct to the supplier. The Budget and Cost Plan will also ensure that all steps in the OS&E procurement process focus on securing you the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.


Procurement management

Once a purchasing policy and delivery timetable is agreed, we utilise our trusted global network of suppliers to identify suitable supply sources. We then begin to negotiate the best possible conditions on your behalf.

The next stage in the procurement process is establishing purchasing priorities, following which our procurement managers conduct a number of checks to ensure the terms of tender, warranties and safety certifications are all met.

Once quality assurance of finished goods has been ascertained through a series of factory visits and goods inspections, our consultants oversee the final procurement stages; shipping, delivery and handover.


Delivery & handover

We are responsible for the smooth and timely delivery of all OS&E goods from the factory to your project site. With vast experience selecting trusted shipping companies, checking invoices against purchase orders and the preparation of duty and customs forms, FEBC takes great pride in ensuring your investment is delivered exactly as and when expected.

During the handover process FEBC engages installation specialists and conducts extensive testing to make certain that equipment meets the client’s and operator’s standards. Only following this is all relevant safety and warranty documentation handed over to you.





Interior Styling






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