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Quality Control

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Enjoy peace of mind at all stages of procurement with site visits and thorough quality control checks.

FF&E goods often go on a very long journey before they arrive at their final destination. We promise the highest quality of start-to-finish care for the goods you invest in.

The procurement of FF&E and OS&E is not an expenditure but an investment and you want a quality that lasts. While our procurement processes ensure best-pricing and on-time delivery, how can you be confident of quality and consistency prior to handover?

Thanks to our global presence, our procurement consultants are able to source the best range of samples and detailed mock-ups, organize on-site visits and represent your interests at all stages of the procurement process.

Start to finish

Start-to-finish care

Our thorough goods inspection processes ensure start-to-finish care and quality.

In line with your specific requirements, regular on-site visits and quality control checks are arranged and thorough testing is carried out to ensure operating and design standards are all met.

Factory Visits

We work with you to refine a bespoke schedule of factory visits at key stages of the production process. This schedule will be tailored to suit your availability and budget.

Whether accompanying you in conducting checks, or representing your interests when adjustments are needed, many of our procurement specialists have engineering and manufacturing backgrounds putting them in the best possible position to manage factory visits and inspections.

During Production

During Production

Our on-site visits and goods inspections during production give you an extra level of reassurance.

A series of factory visits ensures that quality is maintained, adjustments are made in a timely manner – if required – and that all technical specifications and operating standards are met. Our engineers and procurement managers are expert in monitoring and assessing production progress.

Before Shipping

Before Shipping

The preparation of goods before shipping is one of the most crucial stages in the FF&E procurement process. We offer a comprehensive delivery and handover service which begins with the inspection of orders prior to shipping.

The goods are scrutinised for quality before documentation is completed, thus ensuring the client receives exactly what they ordered, and that budget and time forecasts are on target.

Whether you choose to be directly involved or represented by one of our FF&E project managers, this important stage of procurement is always expertly managed.


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