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febc is known for its procurement management and supply chain expertise that has been built over the course of30years’. Our offices are located in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, we are an international team with a global presence in key hospitality market locations.

Our team of specialists come from all over the world and have a variety of different backgrounds including project management, interior design, procurement, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, construction, marketing and financial services. Over the years we have delivered procurement services to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, palaces, high-end residential and business units.  febc champions quality, trust and flexibility. We consistently provide our clients with cost-effective solutions while also delivering products and services of the highest standards.

At the center of our business are the relationships we nurture. febc’s procurement consultants are multilingual and have long-standing relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and other partners. This enhances all aspects of the procurement process.

Our project managers are experts in their fields and are adept at delivering our clients’ precise requirements at a lower than anticipated cost. Please read more about our services or view some of portfolio.

Core Team

Imad is a veteran in the hotel procurement industry, a dynamic leader and the founding partner of febc, leading the company throughout its 30 years of successful growth. Rooted in an engineering education, Imad takes a revolutionary approach to managing procurement activities in the hospitality sector.
A charismatic gentleman, Imad puts relationships first and has built both an outstanding network of suppliers and service partners and an unparalleled talent-based company which thrives on repeat business.

Imad Dajani


Alessandro's extensive and varied experience in FF&E procurement has seen him create reputable relationships with suppliers across the world, which in turn enables febc to offer a value-added service to clients, consistently seeking out the best products at the most competitive prices. Combined with his wealth of experience managing projects – whether it’s a large, multi-location project or an intimate boutique property - he uses his buying power and management expertise to consistently deliver results to clients.

Alessandro Tedesco


Stefano heads up our team for Europe and Africa. He specializes in proposing business solutions to potential partners and seeing these opportunities through to engagement. He develops new business relationships by expertly integrating contract requirements with business operations and timelines. Stefano's leadership skills have played a central role in enhancing our organisation's reputation in the market, predominantly by exploring opportunities and identifying the unique ways febc can add value.

Stefano Giudici

Managing Director

Janice has more than 14 years' experience in the construction industry and in Malaysia alone, she has overseen the building of over 10,000 residential and commercial properties. Janice has worked in various capacities - including project manager and planning manager - in a number of different settings, representing clients and contractors, and as an external consultant. Since Janice joined febc in 2007, she has been actively involved in project management and FF&E procurement management throughout the world.

Janice S'ng

Project Director